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5 Kitchen Cabinet Installation Ideas

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The condition in which kitchen cabinets are really goes a long way in telling people about who you are. Kitchen cabinets can make or destroy style, preference, and the overall appeal of the kitchen.

Upgrading kitchen cabinets not only improves the appeal of a kitchen; it also helps improve functionality, which translates to a better cooking experience.

Trendy and unique kitchen cabinets play an essential role in raising the value of your house, which makes potential buyers meet your asking price when reselling the property. This article explains some of the best kitchen cabinet installation ideas. 

Handle-Less Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets, especially base cabinets, can sometimes pose a safety risk when you have small children.

Kitchen Cabinet Installation

This is because they often make the kitchen area their playground whenever you are busy cooking. Children can stumble when the sharp cabinet handles catch their clothes. To eliminate this possibility and enhance the aesthetics of a kitchen, an emerging popular trend of handle-less cabinets is on the rise. 

In addition to enhancing safety and appeal of the kitchen, they also contribute to improved functionality. Handle-less cabinets eliminate the annoying banging sound associated with their counterpart handled-cabinet doors. With a single soft push, the door opens and closes, quietly and smoothly. 

Solid Wood Cabinets

Composite and laminate cabinets may be among the most popular kitchen cabinet materials but solid wood still has its place in modern kitchens. Natural wood brings out an expensive and classy impression thereby elevating the value of a house. This is especially true when you flaunt the wood grain, which invites a feeling of touch with nature. In addition to enhancement of aesthetic appeal of a kitchen, it offers durability. 

Some people may question its durability due to the frequent contact with water. When sealed with water resistant materials like epoxy resin, solid wood becomes waterproof. It also becomes resistant to dirt, grime and scratches, which also extends its lifespan. With proper installation and maintenance regime, the service span of solid wood can be timeless.

Double Duty Cabinets

Protruding appliances such as refrigerators, microwave, and cooking stove sometimes interfere with the sleek functionality of a kitchen. Moreover, they also interfere with the perfect layout of the kitchen. Fortunately, double-duty cabinet trend provides a perfect solution to this problem. Tall cabinets are installed from the floor and extended all the way to the ceiling. The large space is used to conceal appliances inside the cabinetry. In other instances, dishwashers are also tucked inside base cabinetry and are removed only when needed. To make them even more appealing, you can make the doors handle-less for more complete baseline. The soft close of the handle-less doors improves functionality since it eliminates the banging sound produced by handled-door cabinets. The main benefit that accrues from double duty cabinets is in maximization of storage space, which proves very essential in small kitchens. 

Open Shelving

Door-less cabinets, or as they are commonly known, open shelving is another popular fast-rising trend in modern kitchens. Open shelving comes in two forms, partial and complete open. With partially open shelving, glass is used to secure the contents of the cabinets. Complete open shelving provides a great opportunity to flaunt trophies, expensive pottery and silverware and recipe books. In addition to extra storage spaces, open shelving also makes the kitchen feel airy and more inviting as well as making kitchens appear larger than they really are. 

Integrated Lighting

Another great idea for kitchen cabinets in modern kitchens is the introduction of lighting fixtures. The lighting can be inside and on the underside of upper cabinets. Lighting fixtures invite an expensive and classy appeal that elevates the value of the house. Lighting, especially on the underside of cabinets, helps illuminate your working area over the countertops thereby improving functionality through an enhanced cooking experience. 

The list of trendy kitchen cabinet ideas is endless. When choosing installation ideas, you have to consider factors such as taste and preferences, cost and budget, size of your kitchen and its floor plan. Depending on these factors, every kitchen needs are unique and the style or ideal that works for another kitchen may not work for you. Inviting a cabinet professional when planning for the upgrade can help you choose the most appropriate cabinet ideas for your kitchen. Apart from helping you in planning, they will also deliver exemplary results that align with your vision in a more reduced turnover time, compared to when you would be doing it as a DIY task.