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Chelsea Design Studio FAQ


How long have you been in business?
Since 2007

Do you have a showroom?
Yes located at 14 Bridgewater Dr

Are walk-ins welcome or do I need an appointment?
Yes M-F 9-4, or appointments can be scheduled with our designers

Do you accept credit cards?
Yes accept all major credit cards

Do you have in-house financing options?

Do you guarantee your work?
Yes all cabinets are warrantied under the manufacturing warranty.

Will you come to our house as part of the consultation?


What is the process for designing a custom kitchen?
Schedule meeting with designer, 1st meet and greet, review what is needed/wanted, review any pics you might have. Schedule in home visit to measure. Depending on project, several meetings might be needed

How do custom kitchen designs differ from pre-made kitchen options?
Custom cabinets are built to you room. Panels are added or removed along with design details to fit your project needs and wants

Can you work within different budget ranges for custom kitchens?

How long does it typically take to complete a custom kitchen project?
About 4-6 months

Do you provide 3D renderings or visualizations of the proposed kitchen design?
Designers draw up kitchen plans

What are the benefits of choosing custom cabinetry for a kitchen?
You are involved in designing the kitchen from the beginning to the end

Can you work with existing kitchen layouts, or do you recommend complete renovations?
We can do either

Are there any warranties or guarantees on custom kitchen installations?
Manufacturing warranty

How do you handle kitchen appliance selections and installations in custom designs?
Items are worked into design, measurements are made and recommendations are made for what size items you can do, appliances are picked out with vendor and client on own

Can I choose unique hardware and fixtures for my custom kitchen?
Of course custom hardware is always chosen

What kind of storage solutions are available in custom kitchen designs?
Custom cabinets allows us to do any storage options you would like dependent on your room size and cabinet budget

Do you offer post-installation support and maintenance services?
Chelsea does not install, however work with a sister company. That sister company if used does provide support after install

Can you provide references or examples of past custom kitchen projects?