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Transforming Homes:
Crafting Functional Elegance in Kitchens, Bathrooms, and Beyond


Some of our clients (the serious chefs) are predominately concerned with functionality and ergonomic design, others are looking to create a gorgeous artistic statement, and many desire both.

We are used to working within very specific budget constraints, as well as with clients who want something absolutely spectacular.

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The bathroom is a very important room and although not the most used room in the home, when it is used it is nice to have that luxurious experience and feel. Having a beautiful bathroom can improve the value of your home and enhance your bathroom experience. Functionality as well as luxury and beauty is something that we try to emphasize so that the total experience is amazing every time you enter your bathroom.

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Custom and Semi-Custom Cabinetry Installation. Our installers are experienced craftsmen, with years of experience installing complicated and intricate designs.

A beautiful design requires outstanding precision to make a reality.

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Chelsea Kitchen & Bath Design isn’t just about design; we’re artisans crafting extraordinary living spaces that defy convention. Our dedication to unmatched craftsmanship and design brilliance goes beyond kitchens and bathrooms. We eagerly accept the task of revamping various spaces in your home, from the core of your abode to bespoke bars, closets, laundry areas, home offices, entertainment hubs, personal libraries, and beyond. Our mantra is straightforward yet profound: Your imagination is the sole boundary to our creative prowess.

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Chelsea Kitchen & Bath Design is in the unique position of being able to undertake complete administrative responsibility for the coordination of your project. However, we also regularly partner with builders, architects, and other contractors that our clients have already begun working with. The client’s need dictates our role.

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