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What Features Do You Look For In Kitchen Cabinets?

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A key aspect that comes in handy with most home upgrades is the kitchen cabinets. These can make or destroy the allure of a great modern kitchen. This goes on to explain the reason behind most homeowners, including our clients’ concerns; what features to look for in kitchen cabinets?

From adjustable shelves, functionality options, storage, hardware, material, and finish, to warranty, the list of features to consider when buying kitchen cabinets is endless. This article explains some key features you should consider when looking to install kitchen cabinets. 

Functionality Options

Although not a requirement, functionality options improve the aesthetic appeal of cabinets and the kitchen as well. Features like soft-close doors eliminate the irritating sound of banging doors.

Is your kitchen designed for functionality?

Cabinet underside lighting helps to illuminate the working area on the countertop, thereby improving the cooking experience. For more functionality and a smooth floor plan, appliances such as the refrigerator, dishwasher, and microwave, can be tucked inside tall cabinets. In addition to enhancing functionality, this will help make a smaller kitchen appear bigger than it actually is. 


Storage is a critical aspect in most kitchens, especially those that have limited floor space. A common trend in modern kitchens is the maximization of storage space in cabinets. A great hack to doing this is by installing door hinges that can open in six ways. This allows you to utilize all the space, including the corners. Another hack of maximizing on storage in cabinets is by extending the cabinets to the ceiling. The extra space created can be used for storing smaller appliances such as microwaves, coffee makers and blenders.  

Adjustable Shelves

Adjustable shelves and cabinet organizers are another set of game changer in modern kitchens. These allow you to arrange your cooking items such as spices and silverware. This in turn, helps you to easily locate them and save time when you are in a bit of a hurry. They also introduce a sense of orderliness thereby making the kitchen more appealing and functional. An organized kitchen is also safe to operate in since clutter can cause accidents. 


Hardware is another important feature to consider when installing kitchen cabinets. The type and nature of the cabinet can destroy or contribute to the allure of a great kitchen. In a bid to improve appeal and functionality of the cabinets, you can opt for elegant hardware that complements the theme in the kitchen. Such hardware includes gold doorknobs and handles. To make it even better and more appealing, you can go with the handle-less cabinet doors. Not only do they maintain the clear line of the floor plan, but they also enhance safety since the handles can sometimes catch fabric and make you stumble. 

Material and Finish

Coming down to material and finish of kitchen cabinets, there is an array of options to explore. Solid cabinets come with an expensive impression and are more durable, when properly sealed with water resistant materials like resin. This is especially true when grain on solid wood is allowed to show. MDF is also a great feature to consider because of their versatility. Some even mimic the allure of solid wood and you can hardly tell the difference. 

A fast-rising trend in cabinet material and finish is the combination of different materials. For instance, you could opt for solid wood cabinets combined with a beautiful MDF door or drawer box and vice versa. Whichever material and finish you decide to go with, you can still make them complement the many designs including contemporary, traditional and mid-century.


Although not directly related to cabinets, the issue of warranty still plays a critical role when buying kitchen cabinets. Cabinets with longer or lifetime warranty imply that the manufacturer is confident with the integrity of their product. Cabinets with reduced or no warranty at all is a clear sign of a poor-quality product. Simply put, the manufacturer is telling you that should the cabinet experience untimely wear, you are on your own. 

While paying close attention to the above discussed features, choosing kitchen cabinets that offer optimum functionality and satisfaction to your ambitions should be easy. However, the journey to finding great cabinets cannot be complete without the input of a cabinet professional. In addition to delivering timely results, they will provide you with quality cabinets that will stand the test. Moreover, they can walk with you in every step of the journey of choosing the appropriate features for your dream kitchen cabinets.