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How Long Does a Typical Kitchen Cabinet Installation Take?

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Among the many ways of upgrading the look and feel of a kitchen is by changing your current cabinets. The issue of turnover time is one of the major concerns for most homeowners.

Whether a DIY or professional route, the process is usually a daunting one and can take quite some time and effort.

Depending on elements such as teamwork and skillset of a contractor, the process can averagely take between 1 and 2 weeks. This article aims to give you a glimpse of the steps and things to expect during the installation. 

Project Planning 

For a start, you will invite your preferred cabinet contractor for a tour of your kitchen. It is during this tour that you explain to them your vision, taste and style.

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The contractor will then take measurements of the space layout. These will help the manufacturer design perfect fit kitchen cabinets when they retreat to their factory. It is also at this time that the contractor gives you the estimated timeline for the task and what is expected of you. 

Remove the Existing Cabinets

As the manufacturing of the cabinets goes on in the contractor factory, they will send their workers to remove the initial kitchen cabinets. They will carefully drive the bolts out while maintaining the integrity of the existing wall anchors. Water and power fixtures will also be disengaged from the mains. The experts will also inspect the floor for unevenness and correct mistakes if any. With the cabinets out of the way, they will then use a material of their choice, for instance a drop cloth to cover the floor in preparation for the upcoming works. Removal of old cabinetry and clearing may take a day or two. 

Floor Cabinets

With the floor layout ready, the fitting works commence almost immediately. It starts with the base cabinets since these are the simplest to work on. The cabinets are laid down adjacent to each other and in accordance to the initial plan. By use of power drill, they are secured to the existing wall anchors using bolts. The adjacent cabinets are clamped and bolted against each other. This helps ensure a tight perfect fit. At the same, they are secured using the above-mentioned technique. The process is repeated until they are all perfectly secured into the layout plan. The estimated timeline for base cabinet installation is between 1 and 2 days. 

Wall Cabinets

One or two experts hold the cabinet shells against the wall while one drives bolts to secure them into the initial anchors on the wall. This is done with great thoroughness and following the initial plan. Clamps and bolts are then used to create a tight fit against the adjacent cabinets. Again, the workers repeat this process until all the wall cabinets are perfectly into place. Wall cabinet fixing works timeline is estimated to be between 1 and 2 days. 

Tall Cabinets

Despite being tall, installation of pantries is quite simple and takes less time than other types of cabinets. The reason for this may be explained by the fact that they are huge blocks that extend from the floor to the ceiling. Another reason is the fact that they are not as many as other types such as base cabinets. To install these, bolts are driven into the anchors to ensure a firm and stable fit. Installation of tall cabinets only takes a day, maximum. 

Adjustments and Finish Works

This step carries most of the cabinet fixing. Cabinetry doors, compartments, knobs and handles are realigned to realize a functional setup. This step is important since minor adjustments may have occurred during transportation and installation. It is at this point that interior fittings such as underside lighting, pull out drawers and cabinet organizers are added. Water connection is also done at this point. Alignment and finish works should take an estimated timeframe of 1 day. 


Kitchen cabinet installation ends by the contractor conducting a walkthrough. This is aimed at making sure everything fits perfectly and that all items are working. Having done that, debris and other waste materials are removed and discarded, followed by vacuuming of the surfaces. 

Excluding the planning time, setting up kitchen cabinets should take between 1 and 2 weeks, maximum. However, the estimated turnover time is subject to change, depending on whether the contractor shows up alone or operates as a team. For a streamlined experience, and a high quality job be sure to hire a qualified contractor.